Beekeeping Classes

Beekeeping Classes

(Please Note: Beekeeping Classes will not be held during 2017) 

Our classes are focused on urban beekeeping. Beginning with building hives and finishing with installing your own bees and queen. Classes are open to anyone 18 years and older.

Class Descriptions:

Introduction to Beekeeping

Learn the basics of urban beekeeping. Beekeeping can be done just about anywhere, even in your own backyard. Want to increase your fruit tree production? Produce your own honey? This class covers the essential knowledge for setting up a hive and getting the bees healthy and productive in the first year.

We cover the basic hive and it’s components, tools, safety practices, and handling the bees with confidence. This class includes opening and inspecting a working healthy hive. This class is taught at our Willow Glen location in the Spring and Early summer.

(usually held on Sundays in March)

Hive Building and Installing Bees, Workshop

Our Hive Building Workshop is a truly exciting, completely hands on experience. This class focuses on setting up and installing a new hive of bees. This class is scheduled to accompany the arrival of our queen bee replacements and initial hive populating.

Participants get comfortable handling the bees and finding queens at this class. All participants will take part in the installation of live bees and their queen. This class is only offered once a year in the spring. We encourage you to bring your own hive and purchase bees through our supplier, so you can take home a fully set up functioning hive.

(usually held on Sundays in April)

See photos from our April 2012 Hive Building Workshop here.